ArtistMum: More Fun Hats


I love to crochet because the projects are portable and I can crochet practically anywhere……in the car, at the dentist’s waiting room, while the grand babies are napping, just about any place!

So my latest projects have been some cute hats with ear flaps that keep my little grand babies warm and toasty during the winter season. My favorite ‘go to’ resource is a talented young lady who shares her patterns on Repeatcrafterme. I used her crochet pattern for the fox hat I made. It includes several sizes and the directions are very easy to follow.

I also made an ‘Elmo’ hat for two special little girls altering that same hat pattern. It came out very cute and those little lasses love their ‘Elmo’ hat! I used LionBrand Vanna’s Choice yarns because that’s my favorite yarn to use! But you can use other brands if you choose to. As long as they are the same weight as suggested in the directions.

I will add my photos when WordPress stops crashing every time I try to add the photos! But please visit Repeatcrafterme. You’ll love her crochet projects!

Looks like the photos came up! Thanks WordPress!



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