ArtistMum: No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!

It happens to be the year of the monkey! I’ve seen so many cute monkey printed fabrics at JoAnn’s that I just HAD to buy some to make a few cute blankets for my new grandson and another to come! I bought both a fleece and a flannel monkey patterned fabric and hurried home, eager to get started. I cut each blanket 31″ X 31″. The finished size after folding the edge would make it 30″ X 30″, which is a standard size for a receiving blanket.

Most fleece blankets have a blanket stitch around the edge onto which you can then add a crocheted border. I attempted to make the blanket stitch with my yarn, only to be totally frustrated. It took me a half hour to stitch only about 15″ when I decided to give up. I looked up how to make a border on these blankets and accidently found that some people were using a gadget that made stitching a whole new ballgame. 

Well……I just had to give it a try! So I ordered one of them with the indicated ‘skip stitch’ rotary blade as shown below. Here is the link to Amazon where I ordered it from, however I did notice that JoAnn’s does carry them…..they were just sold out!


This device made my endeavor so much easier. I changed the original round blade for cutting to the ‘skip stitch’ rotary blade, purchased separately. Then I rolled the blade along a ruler, held 1/2 inch from the edge, all around the blanket. Okay……so now I was all set to start!

I found that it was so very easy to crochet a ‘ blanket stitch’ all around the blanket ( single crochet loosely in each space followed with a chain one) I used a size H 5mm crochet hook and Lionbrand,, Vanna’s Choice yarn for all of the fleece blankets I worked on. There are also many great colors to choose from that coordinate easily with the fleece prints. For the monkey blanket, I used the colors  ‘Oatmeal’ and ‘Cranberry’.   On another, I used just ‘Barley’. 

Then I found a cute little monkey print on flannel and thought….why not try the rotary cutter skip stitch blade on that as well? It actually worked, however I had to use a thinner yarn and a smaller crochet hook. I used Bernat ‘baby’ yarn in ‘antique white’ and ‘baby blue’ and a size F 3.75mm. You could use a size G 4.00mm too. For this blanket, I did my initial single crochet all around, then a double crochet all around, and lastly, a single crochet row in the baby blue. In the corners, I crocheted four stitches in end hole to make the curve. Also, I forgot to mention that you have to curl the edges as you’re crocheting so that you get a clean edge.


I really got excited about this method, so I made a few more blankets! Might make some more and donate them to ‘Project Linus’!   


There’s one more project I’m looking forward to making for my little grand babies is a ‘ sock monkey’. It is the year of the monkey, right? Let’s celebrate! 

Hope this encourages you to try crocheting with fleece and flannel. Wouldn’t it be cute to edge a pair of flannel pajamas with a little crochet trim? Hmmmmm……….another project!


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4 Responses to ArtistMum: No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!

  1. RecklessHen says:

    Cool gadget, I must try this

  2. Kate says:

    These look so adorable! I bet it makes snuggling so much better 🙂

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