ArtistMum: Discovering A New Yarn

I love to paint with both watercolor and oil paints but they are not easily carried around and you cannot work on a painting while waiting at the doctors office, or while recuperating from injuries or illnesses………or so I’ve found! So I discovered awhile back that I can bring along my crochet projects almost anywhere and be productive at the same time……a win, win situation!

My latest crochet related discovery was a yarn from Red Heart yarns called “Reflective”. I found it through a mail order catalog called Herrschner’s. ( Herrschner’ )

This yarn reflects light, making it ideal for headbands for runners that run in the evening or very early morning. It’s like having a reflective armband on your head so cars can see you! 

It comes in many wonderful colors……neon pink, neon orange, purple, Aran, black, neon yellow, neon green……but I ordered olive, grey, and peacock……..all great!

There’s a crochet pattern on the label for an adorable headband. It requires two skeins of yarn but I found a crochet pattern from………..     Nikki in Stitches    …………….

……….that required less than one skein and by adjusting stitches and crochet hooks, I found I could make it work for a few other different yarns, including Charisma. The number of chains you start out with can be different for each yarn. I made sure it fit around my head before I started the second row. I would measure if it’s for a child or anyone else. 
Here are my reflective yarn headbands in peacock, grey, and olive……. I also started and ended with a border of another color…… this case, some leftover black yarn.

And I made a few others from leftover yarns…….a great way to make your yarn stash shrink! The turquoise one has a grey border. The bottom one is all grey.

Have fun experimenting with Red Heart’s new yarn for a useful and good looking gift for your favorite runner or maybe even for yourself!

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