Crocheting Through Asthma!

Yes, I have been through a rough round of ‘acute asthma exacerbation’ and it has been a long and rather rough road back. I’m still not there 100% but I know it’s a slow haul. 

The only thing that has helped me through this recovery, besides the drugs to treat this, has been my crocheting! I found a wonderful pattern for crocheted fedoras from through Pinterest! 

Previously, I had tried another pattern, only to get frustrated. It was in three pieces and I finally gave up. Then I found this pattern (Kariodesigns) and  I cannot tell you how much easier it was. It was well worth the investment and it came in multiple sizes, preemie to adult! You can’t go wrong with that!
Love how they came out! I tried the preemie one out first to get the hang of it. Then I made one for my little granddaughter and another for the new grand baby on the way. I was so thrilled at how cute they came out! 





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