What’s In Your Bag?- Portable Projects that Travel Well!

If you’re a creator/ crafty gal like myself, you want to make use of every minute to make something. I’ve been doing some small portable gift projects that I’m looking forward to giving this holiday season. I also am on a limited budget since I’m a ‘senior citizen’ and have to be careful with spending!

My portable bags go with me almost everywhere……babysitting, car rides, doctors office…….you name it, I’ve brought a portable project along!

I have a scissors, needle and thread, crochet hook, yarn, small amount of poly stuffing, embroidery thread………basically anything I can think of that I might need to work on a project. And usually they are small projects. 

I finally finished the checkbook holder for my mom. It feels good to get it done!

And I found these adorable leather coin purses at an Alternative  Gift boutique at a church. Proceeds go to various organizations to buy food, books, building supplies, etc., for underdeveloped countries. Many of the gifts, these coin purses included, are hand made by someone from those countries. They are well made and sturdy too. I couldn’t resist since my grandchildren love cats and owls! And since they (grandkids) are too small for real coins, I decided to make a small felt owl and kitty to put inside. I want to make a few felt coins as well but the owl came out so cute and I’m working on a kitty next!

And I also am using up my extra cotton yarn to make soap saver bags. They are so useful and pretty at the same time. All I need to get is some soap bars suitable for gift giving and I have a nice homemade gift. They make wonderful hostess gifts too. I found the pattern on Pinterest of course. It’s from ‘The Painted Hinge’ and here’s the link: http://www.thepaintedhinge.com/2013/11/20/washcloth-and-soap-saver-set-free-crochet-patterns/

It’s nice that it’s an easy enough crochet pattern for anyone to do and it’s wonderful to use up that stash of unused yarn! Before I forget……..I used Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn that you can buy at most craft stores but here’s a link:


And here’s little owl again! Couldn’t resist just one more picture!

So……….what’s in your bag???

Happy crafting!


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