Days Until Christmas???

Yes! Thanksgiving is finished and after a whirlwind of cooking a delicious meal for my family, I am exhausted……………..still in a food coma, on what’s known as ‘black Friday’. I have no desire to shop, which is typically what people do on this day supposedly to get bargains on gifts for the holidays. 

Well, I have started with some homemade gifts……I like to keep,things simple but heartfelt. 

My mom needed a new checkbook holder so I started this one for her. It’s almost finished!

  I still have to sew around the outside and attach a snap closure. I found the pattern in this craft book.
but made it slightly larger. I think she will love it!

I have plans to make a few ornaments out of homemade clay. There’s a homemade clay recipe made from cornstarch, baking soda, and water that is really nice. I’ve used it before and it comes out very  porcelain looking. I’ve made fairy dolls with it with pleasing results.

So……..enough for today. I will get back with more gifts that I made soon!


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