ArtistMum: Snow Fairies and Valentine’s Day!

Since there was sooooooo much snow this last few days, school was canceled along with my doll workshop πŸ˜”

I have been busy developing a small fairy doll that the girls will make after they finish their cat doll. The first one came out a little bigger than I wanted, but I decided to go forward with her anyway and I’m so glad I did. She’s adorable and I had fun with her today……you’ll see!

First things first! I made another fairy doll who came out a bit smaller and I think she’ll be easier for the girls to form from the clay ( cornstarch/ baking soda clay).

These fairies have movable arms and legs, making them a ton of fun to pose and play with.

My two little fairies spent the morning choosing fabrics to make their skirts out of. Which one is your favorite? They are having such a hard time deciding!

Then it was time to shovel the snow. The blue fairy decided to come outside too and experience the snow even though she’s not quite finished yet. I still have to make a skirt for her, give her wings, and name her of course! Any suggestions?
She did get a little cold out there but she had fun making a snow fairy!



And today is Valentine’s Day ( and my ‘Darling’s’ Birthday!) so I want to share these gorgeous roses with you! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!



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2 Responses to ArtistMum: Snow Fairies and Valentine’s Day!

  1. Kristian Bauer says:

    Love the snow fairy making a snow fairy pics!

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