ArtistMum: Doll Workshop II – Day 1

In this doll workshop, I decided that the girls would learn a few new skills and work on completely different dolls than we did in the first workshop.
I spent a bit of time assembling a bunch of ‘cat’ dolls. The girls stuffed the bodies with polyester stuffing and will sew the openings closed in the next session. This seems to work out very well with this age group.

Most of this session was spent on stuffing the bodies, giggles, tossing some stuffing around, and more giggles!

I demonstrated how to thread a needle and make a knot at the end. Even though the girls I had before learned this, they wanted me to show them again. I also demonstrated the ‘ladder’ stitch, which is the best type of stitch used to close seams.

Below are some pictures of our fun session!






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  1. ‘To teach is to touch a life forever’ – good to see you passing on skills to the next generation, that will enrich their lives, fire their imaginations, and provide a solace for the future working years 🙂

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