ArtistMum: Doll Workshop – Day 10

The last day of our doll workshop was a lot of fun! We spent some time finishing up last minute things like buttons, fixing doll’s hair, dressing the dolls, and so on.

We lined up three of the desks and placed a long piece of paper on top. This would act as our ‘runway’! The girls decorated the ‘runway’ with colored markers. Two large circles were placed along the runway. These circles were prompts where the girls were to make their dolls make a ‘stop and turn’.

We had a practice run before our ‘real’ fashion show for the parents! I cannot say how excited and nervous the girls were! We played some music to make it all come together!

I only have one photo of the girls with their dolls. I had to hide their faces for privacy purposes but I can’t tell you how proud I was of their accomplishments. I hope they continue to sew for their doll after this workshop. Creating anything keeps the mind active!

If I have enough students, we will have a part II of the doll workshop concentrating on exploring other dolls. There are so many different types of dolls!
I have in mind to make an animal doll with a ‘baby’ doll and also make a jointed fairy doll. The students will design a pajama for the animal dolls and make a sleeping bag for them for sleepovers. They will make a small pillow and learn embroidery stitches in the process. Whatever skills they learned in the first workshop will be strengthened. It should be a lot of fun!



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