ArtistMum: Doll Workshop- – Day 9

This session of the doll workshop was devoted to accessories! Hats, necklaces, and purses! It’s a girls dream!

The girls were allowed to choose the hat color of their choice. They had to stitch the two pieces of pre-cut felt together with decorative thread. Decorative thread is really a craft thread used for braiding bracelets in camp, but I found that it has the right thickness for hand sewing ‘decorative’ stitches. It’s also easier for young sewers to use AND it comes in a variety of wonderful colors that match up perfectly to the felt colors that are available nowadays!


The girls also learned a new stitch……the blanket stitch! It is commonly used at the edge of an article of clothing, giving the edge a more finished look. If done in a contrasting color, it can enhance a detail on the garment or in our case, the edge of the hats!

Some students decided to make this special stitch on the edge of their doll’s t-shirts, giving it an added touch.

I made a bunch of cute little rosettes that can be attached to the hats or worn as an added accent on a coat or dress. Each girl got to choose one in the color of their choice.


We also worked on a few necklaces. Beads and charms were the main components. The girls also made purses out of felt. A few simple stitches up each side and it was almost done! Buttons were stitched to hold the flap closed……perfect!

I think that the girls had a wonderful time with the accessories!

Next time we meet, it will be our very last sessionšŸ˜„
I am planning a small fashion show towards the end (around 4pm) of our last session. The girls will walk their ‘models’ (dolls) down the runway as I describe their outfits. With a little music added and a few cookies, it should be a wonderful ending to our workshop!


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