ArtistMum: Art Club- Day 7

I know I’m behind on posting, so please forgive me but Thanksgiving planning got in the way!
Students in the art club worked with clay this session. When using clay, I find that students like to play with the clay before they start building with it. Squishing, pulling, and patting the clay is actually fun to do, so I allowed them some ‘fun’ time.



I also provided some texture matts for applying patterns onto the clay. Most students liked to make up their own designs, which is fine!

All in all, I think the students enjoyed the clay but I probably would make a few changes and introduce the clay earlier in the cycle.





I also think I would try a different clay that is not so messy and can be dried overnight instead of days! I think there would be less cracking since I’m not there to control the drying process.


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