ArtistMum: Doll Workshop- Day 8

With only two more workshops to go, the doll workshop girls are busy finishing all of their projects as quickly as possible. I can’t express how excited the girls are about their accomplishments. They absolutely love their dolls! Here are some photos from our last session!


They also designed the fabric on one of their outfits. We used fabric markers to add flowers, geometrics, or other types of patterns.


And some more pictures of the girls working diligently!



Next time, we will be working on some adorable accessories! Here’s a little preview!
Necklace (which can be worn by the girls as a bracelet), hat ( which they will be learning a new stitch on), and an adorable little clutch bag with a chain ‘over the shoulder’ strap!
It’s so much fun to design cute things!



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One Response to ArtistMum: Doll Workshop- Day 8

  1. alison Bergman says:

    I love the dolls…wish you offered this class for friends ! I am sure the girls are having a blast!

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