ArtistMum: Doll Workshop- Day 7

I cannot believe that we are getting towards the end of our doll workshop. With only three more sessions to go, we want to get in as much as possible. The girls are doing very well with their sewing skills. Today, they learned how to sew on buttons! We discussed the different types of buttons available…..two hole, four hole, and shank buttons. Then it was time to thread our needles and start sewing on buttons to cute little coats for their dolls. The girls also used their newly acquired design skills to add pockets and trim to the coats as well.
Here are some pictures of the girls in action!





Look! A button………..successfully sewn on! Hurray!


And it’s always fun to look through the trims for something to add to our designs!


And we also learned how to ‘gather’ lace and add it to a neckline to spruce it up!

Next week, we will learn how to design patterns on cloth. The girls will then sew this into a dress for their dolls.


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