ArtistMum: Doll Workshop- Day 4

The doll workshop is coming along very well! The girls painted the other side of the cloth dolls and left them to dry on the plastic tablecloth.

While the cloth dolls were drying, we continued with our sewing. Each girl is sewing a pair of blue jeans for their doll. No one can be without the essential pair of jeans! Some of the girls added some trim on the jeans for an added touch of uniqueness 😃

The girls also chose a dress that they will add trim to and sew the side seams. The back stitch that they learned last time served well to make the side seams tidy!




The girls also learned some sewing terms such as ‘side seam’ and ‘in seam’, referring the the jeans they were sewing.


Through conversation, the girls wanted to make a holiday outfit for their dolls as well, so each girl picked out a holiday print from the fabric stash! I think they are very excited about this workshop and all the design possibilities for their dolls!



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