ArtistMum: Doll Workshop- Day 3

Today in the doll workshop, the girls were able to paint one side of their dolls. They were so excited and loved the painting process. I spread a plastic sheet on the floor and each girl claimed a spot. They were given a brush and a plate filled with skin tone paint of their choice. Since the paint was acrylic, extra care was needed to be careful not to get it on their clothing. They were super careful and did a wonderful job!




While the dolls were drying, the girls were able to start ‘designing’! I talked about how trim can change the look of an ordinary item. We looked at buttons, ribbons, ric-rac, lace, tiny flowers, and fabric scraps and explored ways they could make an outfit look different. I’m going to add rhinestones and sequins as another option. Wouldn’t they look cute on the jeans their dolls are going to have! They also learned the ‘back stitch’, used for hand sewing two pieces of fabric together and a ‘gathering’ stitch, used as a decorative stitch. And we also discussed the ‘right’ side and the ‘wrong’ side of fabric and how this is important in sewing.







And so, the little designers are dizzy with thoughts of beautiful designer clothing for their dolls!


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