ArtistMum: Doll Workshop- Day 2

So far, the doll workshop is progressing very smoothly. The girls are engaged in the whole process of making their cloth dolls!
One key skill that they are learning is ‘ how to sew’, and they are learning, and will learn new stitch techniques as the workshop continues along. The stitch they learned today was the ‘ladder’ stitch, which is ideal for closing an opening on cloth dolls and stuffed animals. The girls also learned how to thread their needle and make a knot at the end of the thread, making it ready for sewing. They also learned how to start their sewing with a ‘slip stitch’, and end with ‘slip knot’ and ‘hide the stitch’.
Here are some images I took as the girls were ‘stuffin ‘n stitch-in’ ( sounds like it should be a song!).






I had originally thought we’d have time to paint the bodies but it looks like we’ll be doing that next week. Since drying time was cut short, the girls got to stuff the ‘baby dolls’ I promised they would be able to make in addition to the cloth dolls. They love them already! Here’s a picture of my sample ‘baby doll’ completed!



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