ArtistMum: Art Club- Day 1

It is so exciting to be back on my feet and teaching what I love the best…! I have been away from it much too long but I needed the time to heal my injured and operated foot. Being on crutches for six months is way too long for anyone so I am so happy to be back in the swing of things even if it’s just teaching a few after school clubs.

Today was the first day of art club consisting of a small group of dedicated young artists. I decided to keep this art club focused on learning certain techniques. We will touch on all aspects of art disciplines. That means that we will be doing ‘still life’, portrait, and landscape paintings, some sculpture in the form of clay, some mixed media painting (which involves painting, collage, and printing), some printmaking, and I’d really like for the students to experience fresco painting like Michelangelo did on the Sistine Chapel ceiling!

I’ve decided to share our art club experiences so that their parents can see what they are learning. Lots of times, children forget or don’t talk about what they’ve done in class.

Today I talked a little about watercolor painting and showed them how to build color onto color in order to create shading. We also touched on the different types of watercolor paper available and which types are suitable for the type of painting that will be done. Hot press watercolor paper doesn’t have the texture that cold press watercolor paper has, so it’s used when more detail is desired. Watercolor paper is also made of fibers that are pressed together which makes it the perfect medium for holding watercolor. Other paper will usually fall apart more easily.

We also talked about making a good sketch before we paint. Every good painting is started with a good sketch underneath. There are many examples of this throughout the art world where (through the use of modern technology) the artist’s sketch can be seen beneath the painting.

So students made a sketch of their still life painting as can be seen in the following pictures.










And most students did have a chance to start using paint! These will be completed in the next club meeting, on Monday!





You will notice that you only see artwork and no faces…….maybe hands but no faces! This is done for privacy reasons to protect the children!
I hope this blog provides the parents with a little insight to their children’s art club experiences.


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