ArtistMum: Everything Old is New Again

Every once in awhile, you have a piece of furniture that you don’t want to discard but you’re pretty close to it because it looks downright frumpy! Yes….i said FRUMPY! Well, ‘Darling’ and I went ‘spay paint’ crazy the past week and went to town on our adirondack chairs. They were worn from the weather and needed an update.

I thought they might look pretty in a blue color. ‘Darling’ was agreeable to trying it out.
So off we went to Home DePot to buy some spray paint. We bought a nice aqua blue color and raced home anxious to get going.

Back home, we laid a large drop cloth on the grass, then proceeded to spray the chair. I immediately loved the fresh look the paint gave to the chair. He wanted to spray them all blue but I had other plans!

My suggestion to ‘Darling’ was to paint each chair a different color. Well…..I got that ‘look’ … know the look you get when they think your downright crazy! I told him I saw it on the Internet. That made the ‘ look’ a little better. Then I showed him a picture of chairs in a row, each in different colors…….so pretty! “Ahhhhhhh’, he said! That’s nice! Yea…..we could do that!

So off we went to Home DePot again and got a pretty pink and a soft green color, raced home again and proceeded with the spraying process! ‘Darling’ got into it so much that he accidentally sprayed his ankle PINK! Ha!

And here are our chairs…..all spruced up. They’re so happy looking don’t you agree?

After I took this picture, I noticed something was different with the pink chair. Can you tell? The arms were on the wrong way all this time! So we fixed that right away!

And then………..I told you we went ‘spray paint’ crazy………..we acquired this cute little parlor chair that needed some love……actually…..a lot of love! Our daughter was moving and didn’t want it anymore although she might change her mind though when she sees it now!

We painted it the soft green leftover from the adirondack chair and then painted accents in the leftover pink! And I made a cover for the very plain plastic cushion that it once had. Now it’s so pretty with the pastel floral cover. See what a little love and fresh paint will do?



So get moving and spray a little happy color on something!


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2 Responses to ArtistMum: Everything Old is New Again

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    looks like you had fun, and they add flair and pizzaz to your chairs and backyard! Can’t wait to come sit in them!

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