ArtistMum: Princesses and Castles (continued!)

I’ve been letting work get in the way of doing fun things, like finishing the princesses I was making for my grand-niece. So without further ado, I will show you how I got to the completed felt dolls and the castle bag. Every princess needs a castle right?

I drew the doll forms and dresses onto paper so that I would have a pattern in case I make these again.

I also drew the castle and started to make a pattern for that too.

And then I sewed…….and sewed………and sewed! Here are the princesses!

Snow White!

And Ariel!

And they all can be tucked away in the castle bag. Perfect for a road trip in the car. They provide a little girl with quiet pleasure and make believe!

I love the way the castle came out. I added seed beads, cute bird buttons, butterflies, and sequins to give it lots of bling! I will, however, change the shape of the bag…….already started a new one!
Here’s the front and back of the castle bag.


And my grand-niece really loves this gift! I’m so glad! It took me forever to complete this project!

And what’s my next project? Not sure! Really want to do some serious painting using some of the photographs I took on an incredible trip to Italy recently 😃 Yea!


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