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ArtistMum: The Angels are Weeping

This has been such a tough week for American citizens as we try to make some sense of the tragedy that happened on Monday in Boston, Massachusetts. Lives can be changed in a split moment. My heart is heavy with … Continue reading

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ArtistMum: A Beautiful Day!

Yesterday was a superlative day! ‘Darling’ and I decided to take a nice walk. We both had splurged and bought ourselves some sneakers by a company called Keen which makes fantastic shoes for hiking and walking. Frankly, these were the … Continue reading

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ArtistMum: Organizing!

I’ve been bitten by the cleaning bug! My so called ‘studio’ has never been a tidy, neat, organized space. I mean really………how can an artist keep clean while creating? It’s not possible, at least not for me! But sometimes there’s … Continue reading

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