ArtistMum: Learning to Walk and A Shoe Fetish!

It has been five months of crutches and plastic casts but I am finally free! I am mobile (to some extent) and am embracing the thought of being able to do things again! I feel like a baby learning to walk……..taking one step at a time.

Yesterday ‘Darling’ brought me to the shoe store to find shoes that fit comfortably. Believe me, it’s been a struggle with shoes since I still have a little bit of swelling in my twice damaged foot but I am hopeful that in time, that will disappear altogether.

I know that I will never be able to wear THESE shoes……….

But I found two very comfortable shoes that will be kind to my foot!
These are Easy Spirit 360’s. They are lightweight and have a cushioned and textured sole for gripping any walking surface.

I researched good walking shoes and through a recommendation from our veterinarian, who is on her feet all day,……… found these sneaker-shoes……….’Whisper’.

They are by a company called ‘Keen’ and got very good reviews from customers who bought them. They might not be the most attractive shoe in the universe but comfort is what I need right now!
If you’re looking for that ‘dazzle’ shoe, there is a free exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York from now until April 13, 2013. I haven’t seen it but do plan on going with my daughter and perhaps a friend or two! You can get a preview here and get a little taste of what you’ll see. They have a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s! If that doesn’t satisfy your shoe obsession, I don’t know what else to offer……I only know that my Easy Spirit’s and Keen’s will have to suffice for now!
How’s your shoe fetish???


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