ArtistMum: Feng Shui in my Drawers!

It’s been about a week since I have been able to walk a little without the aid of crutches or that God awful plastic cast boot. I feel so free and have had enormous energy bursts, trying to make up for lost time. And since its almost spring, I decided to take the plunge and organize and de-clutter my drawers.
I have been reading a wonderful book about Feng Shui and how it relates to one’s life. “Feng Shui Your Life”, by Jayme Barrett, is an easy read with fabulous suggestions and photos of soothing bedrooms and pleasing living rooms. Inspiration hit me and one morning, I decided it was time to organize my drawers. My daughter gave me a great idea on how to neatly put clothes back in the drawer so every piece of clothing can be easily seen. What a fabulous idea! You can see where I got my inspiration here.
Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: choose the area that you want to start at… my case, it was my clothes drawer.

Step 2: take out one drawer at a time, empty it on the bed.

Step 3: make three piles…….clothes that will return to the drawer, clothes that will be given to Goodwill, and clothes that are torn or worn and will be thrown away. This can be difficult if you are ‘attached’ to your clothes. Be bold! If you haven’t worn it in a year….it should go to someone who will love to wear it or REALLY need it.

Step 4: now it’s time to put back clothes that you love to wear and make you feel good. And the key to organizing your drawers is to fold them twice and place them in the drawer so you can see each and every shirt (or whatever item it is).


Now when I open my drawers it looks happy…….it makes me feel great!
It made me feel so energetic that I tackled my closet too! Awesome!
When I was done, I had six bags to give to Goodwill.

So when are you going to take the plunge and weed out those clothes you never wear???
Get going! I guarantee you’ll feel amazing afterwards!


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  1. alotonyourplate says:

    Looking good!!!! 🙂

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