ArtistMum: It’s A Smoothie Day!

It’s a glorious morning for a smoothie! I was energized by the fact that my orthopedic surgeon said I can walk without the crutches and use the plastic boot for a few more days! The bone is healing nicely and I should be up and running in a few more weeks! Best doctor visit ever! Yay!!!

Here’s what I put together:
1 banana
Several leaves of rainbow Swiss chard, cut up
1 cucumber, unpeeled, sliced
Some beet leaves ( the beets are for juicing but wanted to use the leaves)
Orange juice

Place leaves in the blender first with some orange juice; I start with about a cup and adjust accordingly.
Pulse until all leaves are mushed up!
Add cucumber and banana and more juice if needed. You can tell if you need more because the blender will strain if there’s not enough. Just add more and it will be fine. There was enough for two people and an extra Mason jar full for later on!

Healthy and happy!


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