ArtistMum: Who’s Nemo?!

The weathermen have been predicting another so called ‘super storm’ again that is supposed to drop off lots of snow in the north eastern coast. This one is affectionately called ‘Nemo’! I cannot imagine calling a snowstorm after a cute little clown fish called Nemo! Besides, the name ‘Nemo’ evokes tender memories of my very first puppy whom my brother named after Captain Nemo in the book ” Two Thousand Leagues Under The Sea”, a classic fictional novel. Our puppy was a collie/shepherd mix and was the sweetest, mild mannered dog. The only character flaw he had was that he hated eating his dog food……..literally spit it out. We had to spoon feed him! That was most likely the worst thing we did for him. He loved table scraps……get the picture here???!!!

And one of my fondest memories of Nemo was building a snow igloo and sitting inside of it with him! He also pulled my brother and I on a sled……what an awesome dog!

So this snowstorm has evoked a few nice memories! It also has me thinking that I cannot shovel the snow since I’m still on crutches 😔 and I LOVE being in the snow whether its shoveling, walking, or sculpting in the snow!

To keep my mind off of what I cannot do……I got some old scraps of material together and started to crochet a rag rug! This is something I have wanted to do for awhile. Since I’ve run out of yarn for my projects and the mail delivery for my next batch of yarn isn’t due for a few more days, this was the opportune moment to get those scraps moving! (Since I can’t go to JoAnn’s to buy yarn, I had to order yarn by mail)!
And here is the beginnings of my rag rug! Pretty neat, huh?

This should keep me out of trouble until I run out of scrap material!
What do you do when it snows and you can’t go outside???


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