ArtistMum: Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks!

You know the old saying that says ‘ You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well I found it’s not true if you’re willing to expend an enormous amount of time and energy practicing the skill!

Since I’m still on crutches three weeks and counting ( from a fall that fractured a metatarsal bone in the same foot that I had surgery on), I have limited mobility and am even further limited to my daily entertainment. Depression has called my name more than once, believe me. But I manage to keep myself gainfully involved.Thus far, I have indulged in my crochet abilities and made more warm and toasty cowls that I intend to sell at some point. Maybe on Etsy???

And today I FORCED myself to take the dive and learn a new skill…..I tried my hand at ‘digital drawing’ using an app called ‘Art Studio’ on my trusty iPad! I’ve been avoiding this with wholehearted fear because I never learned ‘Illustrator’ or ‘Adobe Photoshop’. And let’s admit it… advancing age doesn’t help! I was daunted by lingo such as layers, opacity, filtering, etc.

But I spent four and a half hours trying to create an image using this program and I think I’m actually getting it! I made oodles of mistakes mind you!
I started importing my original thumbnail sketch and then tried different buttons. I know I have to go back in and re-do the whole image again and polish it up but here is my sweat and blood creation!
Original thumbnail sketch……

And after 4 1/2 hours…………

So what do you think???
Can you teach an old dog new tricks??? Try it!!!
Oh…….and here are some of my pretty girls modeling their cowls!



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