ArtistMum: Happy New Year 2013!

Let the New Year begin! 🎉
I SO looked forward to the New Year since the past year, 2012, was filled with a few challenges…….. surgery and crutches for 2 1/2 months.
But I’m afraid I am entering the New Year on crutches again! Oh my! Oops, I did it again!

An unfortunate accident has put me on crutches for another 6-8 weeks 😢

‘Darling’ and I were downtown to meet with our youngest son for his birthday and had just parked the car a few blocks away from a little German flavored dive called Lederhosen translated as ‘leather pants’!

We walked no more than a half a block when I suddenly tripped and fell. There was a small unevenness in the sidewalk which my shoe made sure to take notice of. I went down on my knees and just barely caught my face from being smushed against the sidewalk. Jeeezzz! The foot that had the surgery several months past came down hard on the sidewalk and low and behold……I was in agonizing pain. Being the stubborn, ‘ I can do this’ idiot that I am, I ‘sucked it up’ and stood up on my feet.

My ‘darling’ was shocked of course but I assured him that I was able to get to the restaurant okay. Well, we walked for two blocks before we realized we were going in the wrong direction. Two blocks too many for me however…..each step was getting increasingly more difficult but I was determined to get to our destination.

About five blocks later, we had finally reached ‘Lederhosen’! We settled down into a small private room off the side of the bar. The ambience of the wood stove fireplace, large couches, and seeing my children and their loved ones immediately masked the pain in my foot. I quietly asked our waiter, a large, burley fellow, for some ice for my foot, explaining to him about my little mishap. He was very obliging and brought me a large bag of ice.


The rest of the evening was lovely. Nothing beats a plate of German sausages, warm pretzels, and mugs of beer ( in my case, a glass of seltzer since I don’t like beer!).

After several hours of birthday hugs, laughter, and drinking in the love for my family, it was time to go home. ‘Darling’ left first to retrieve our car while my boys supported me on either side with me hopping out of the restaurant on my good foot. People must have thought I had too much to drink and had to be carried out! How embarrassing is that?! The waiter who gave me the ice suggested an ambulance……no thanks. I just wanted to go home. 😢

The ride home was uneventful. ‘Darling’ was very quiet. I knew he was worried about my foot. So was I.

Since it was a few days before Christmas, it was impossible to get a hold of the orthopedist. I had several nights of intense pain that Advil could not numb.

It was a week later that we finally were able to get an appointment only because someone else had cancelled!

Long story short…….I learned that I had fractured a metatarsal bone and had to wear a lovely, most fashionable boot for 6-8 weeks and use crutches! Here we go again! The good news was that I did not injure the toe that was previously operated on. All 6 screws and the plate were still in place. That was my only concern…..and also that I didn’t require any more surgery 😃

So I am back to square one…….crutches, elevation, rolling chair, crawling up and down the stairs, and showering while sitting on a stool. I’ve got the routine down solid!

I do have to say that Christmas was the best ever because all of our children were at our house. They did all of the cooking, setting the table, and clean up. Awesome! I love them so much! They are amazing! The best in the entire universe!

So the New Year will be a bit of a rough start, and I’m still trying to figure out what lesson I’m learning from this repeat adventure. More humility? More humbleness? More forgiveness? Less control?
Anyone take a guess here? Feel free to fill me in!

Happy, healthy New Year to all of you and Peace for the world!


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2 Responses to ArtistMum: Happy New Year 2013!

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    So sorry to hear about this Ruthie…could be why I havent’ heard from you. I was hoping we would have some tea together over the holidays. Well I know you wont be going anywhere, anytime soon…so let us try and make a date in the next week … I will bring the goodies to eat, and I will make the tea too. But I will say, the new boot is mighty attractive, compared to the pins, etc that you wore on your foot before. Take care of yourself…Happy/better New Year.
    Love you.

  2. alotonyourplate says:

    Happy New Year Ruthie! ily!!! xoxoxo

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