ArtistMum: Holiday Decor

With all the somber news happenings, it’s hard to get into the holiday spirit yet we have to make an effort to be happy for the things we do have……and for me, that’s my family. Yes, I’ve suffered loss in the past (father and brother) so I know how hurtful the holidays can be. However I prefer to celebrate life and what I DO have and not what I do NOT have.

I wanted to have a new decoration for the front door this year so I went ‘attic shopping’ and found a bag of glittery leaves that were put aside for use someday. Well someday is now!

Oh… might want to have a brief explanation of the phrase ‘attic shopping’. Our attic is the storage place for all of our unused things, kids things included. I threaten every once in awhile that the attic will someday come crashing down because its so overloaded. Hopefully that will never happen. Anyway, lots of us go up in the attic to go ‘attic shopping’ which simply means that we find something that we’ve forgotten about and can use again. That can include clothes, books, trinkets, or in my case…..that bag of glittery leaves! I love ‘attic shopping’ because its easy on the budget too! And you know the saying….”Everything old is new again”!

Back on track………here is my new front door decoration for this Christmas. It was relatively easy to make, is soft on the budget, and looks so pretty!

And here are the items you’ll need:

White foam board cut into a triangle
Craft knife or single edged razor blade for cutting foam board
Ruler ( for guide when cutting)
Black Sharpie pen or a pencil ( for marking triangle on foam board)
Several leaf sprays from craft store ( I used glittery gold ones but you decide!)
One berry spray (cut as many berries off as you want on your tree)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Small piece of wire or string for hanging
Ribbon of your choice ( I used approximately 2 1/2 yards for bow and tree trunk)




And you’re done!




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