ArtistMum: Up and At ‘Em!!!

It has been 12 weeks since the arthrodesis procedure on my foot. They have been difficult weeks filled with many challenges, emotional spins, and lessons in patience. Have I learned from this? …….Of course!
And one of the most important of these was/is that my ‘darling’ is there for me through thick and thin. He’s very happy that I can do things for myself now, but he helped me get up and down the stairs every day, got me food, tea, and Gatorade! He drove me to work and to my doctor visits, did the food shopping, and laundry. He basically was my legs for the early weeks that I was totally immobile!
Having someone else do your job was the hardest hurdle for me because I’m so determined to do things for myself. So I’ve learned to let go, have lots of patience, and know that there is always hope.
I was so hoping for this day to come! Today was my last visit with the orthopedic surgeon and I am happy to say that I am able to walk without crutches! NO MORE CRUTCHES!

And the swelling has come down enough for me to be able to wear these clogs……yea, I know they’re not very attractive, however the ‘toe box’ is roomy enough for now. I have to be a little more patient until I can graduate to a more feminine shoe!

And this lovely ‘Darco’ shoe is HISTORY! YEA!

In a few more months time I should be able to walk and maybe even run like a normal person! A 5K perhaps???


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