ArtistMum: Memories and Hurricane Sandy – Aftermath/2

November 3, 2012

It has been getting colder and it’s been getting harder to keep warm. Even my teeth feel cold let alone my hands and feet!
We read by flashlight and listen to the radio trying to keep up with what’s been happening. My 90 year old mom is staying with us until her lights come on. She loves the sleeping bag! It keeps her extra toasty.


Darkness, darkness, and more darkness!

Gasoline is next to impossible to get. The lines are too long and people are getting nasty, something I can’t deal with. In times of turmoil, people should be more helpful and patient, not greedy. Bad times bring out the ‘beast’ in people. I think animals have better manners than humans!

When the storm finally left our area, there was one night when all of a sudden there was light…..but not from the lamps… was from outside! For a very brief moment, the full moon appeared. There is hope after all 🙂



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