ArtistMum: Memories and Hurricane Sandy

Monday, October 29, 2012

Talking about memories…….I was going to do a different post about memories but a major Frankenstorm aka hurricane Sandy moved into the northeast and has virtually halted our info-structure!

We are presently out of power at 8:49 pm but have been out of power since about 6:00 pm. The winds have been absolutely wicked. I have resorted to staying on my tiny enclosed porch to watch what’s happening since its so dark inside and out.

The sky has been nothing short of a ‘fireworks’ sort of display with different bursts of blue, yellow, and aura bursts of light. No one knows what this phenomena is attributed to although I believe it to be the result of record low pressure, warm and cold weather fronts, and a major hurricane mixed into one crazy turmoil of weather occurrence. Wish I could find out what it really was!

I have been observing the outlines of the trees, mere black silhouettes against a churning sky. There are two pine trees in my neighbor”s yard that appear to be monster shapes fighting with each other. They are swaying back and forth, charging and lashing out at each other. One looks like a dinosaur, the other like a spiked lizard!

It has been a little more than a year since hurricane Irene passed the northeast area and left many areas devastated. This Frankenstorm has yet to reveal the total damage it has left behind. New Jersey looks like it will feel the brunt of this storm.

So far as I have heard through a battery operated radio, the southern part of New York City is being inundated with storm surge and the subways are in danger of being flooded. Battery Park is water logged.


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