ArtistMum: Memories and Hurricane Sandy – Aftermath

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The night was very rough. The wind whipped wickedly as my ‘Darling’ and I attempted to get some sleep. We started out sleeping downstairs, afraid of being in the direct falling line of the huge oak tree in front of our house. As the winds died down, we resorted to getting some sleep in our bed.

Expecting to see some sunshine after a huge storm, we were only greeted with some more depressing clouds and some drizzle. Our only source of communication was our mobile phones which were almost out of power and a small battery operated radio. We are so used to seeing visuals on the television so we had to try hard to envision the scenes that were being described by the newscasters. The NYC subways were flooded as were the tunnels going under the Hudson and East River. There was no electricity below 42nd street. The city that never sleeps was finally sleeping, and we haven’t any idea as to how long she will be asleep.


Here’s a small portion of some of the immense damage that we saw driving to get my mom from her house which is also out of power. It was like an obstacle course trying to get from one point to another without seeing some devastation.

Hope others have fared better. I Have heard by radio that there’s been much loss of lives, homes, businesses, and property.

Those of us who have been spared are truly blessed.
BE GRATEFUL! And GIVE BACK by helping wherever you can and however you can.


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