ArtistMum: Rocks and Wire

I’ve been off the radar so to speak only because I’ve been still recovering from surgery and have been virtually immobile for a lengthy portion of time but I must say that I haven’t let the grass grow under my feet!

I have a stash of nice sized pebbles brought back from a recent trip to St. John’s in Newfoundland from the Bay of Fundy. These pebbles have significance in that they are ‘wishing rocks’, which I have written about in a previous post. I was looking at my bag of pebbles and thinking of what I could do with these pebbles to make them ‘usable’ or suitable for display. So here’s what came to be!

Here’s a pretty ‘zen’ type of display that I did with some of my favorite pebbles. One of them looks like a heart (bottom left). Can’t pass up a heart!

Several of them were ‘ornamented’ ( is that a verb?) with silver plated copper wire! I used information and tutorials from a wonderful book by the author, Sharilyn Miller, called “Wire Art Jewelry Workshop“. It has wonderful photos AND has a DVD included! Can’t get any better than that. So here’s what I did following the tutorial for encasing objects with wire……..

They make unusual Christmas ornaments of our trip!

I’m going to include a silly story in here…… Years back when vacationing with the family in upstate New York we decided to visit some nearby caverns. Secrets Caverns! . I am claustrophobic so this was a challenge for sure! The kids were excited to go into a cave and see earthly formations. I was on board but very unsure about going underground. So………we descended! Deeper and deeper into the underground we went. Being the artist that I am, I always have my eyes searching for interesting shapes, colors, and textures. I spotted this wonderfully PERFECT white pebble. I picked it up and tucked it into my jacket pocket, smiling inside at my treasure! Our little group continued on our way through the cave, me nervously and anxiously eager to go above ground……………….NOW! Get me outta here!
I loved the different formations but was so happy when we were back above the ground. When we approached the car, I reached into my jacket pocket, eager to see the pebble I had found. Low and behold, the pebble didn’t feel hard anymore. To my horror, it had softened……I realized that it was really someone’s discarded gum that had basically frozen from being underground. Boy was I fooled! Needless to say, that ‘pebble’ never came home with me! And I’ve never lived it down! The family always teases me when I pick up pebbles!

What else can you do with pebbles? Well, I have a fetish of stacking my favorite pebbles in my little garden. I had never known that stacking pebbles was such a common thing! Apparently this gesture of piling rocks is done in Aruba and other places as well.
“A number of explanations have been put forth for these: they are markers for construction; they were put there by a local artist; they are piled there by tourists following an Indian custom – you must stack 3 rocks on top of one another. Each rock has its own name (love, wealth, and health). When you stack them, make a wish, if the rocks are blown over by the waves, your wish will be granted” (Wikipedia).
I love the Indian custom the best!

I have stacked my treasured pebbles and photographed them up close. The next step was to draw them as a stack. Pictured below is the start of an oil pastel drawing . These oil pastels (Crayola brand) are water soluble……meaning the colors can be blended easily. I love using this medium because it looks like a watercolor painting on canvas!

So next time you happen to see an interesting pebble…….think of all the possibilities!


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2 Responses to ArtistMum: Rocks and Wire

  1. alotonyourplate says:

    your oil pastel art is beautiful Ruthie!

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