ArtistMum: The Homestretch!

I think I’m in the homestretch now! I saw the orthopedic surgeon five days ago. The good news is that the wound is healed. The bad news is that I must stay on the crutches for another three weeks 😞
My foot has morphed from a giant, fat sausage to a leaner, peeling sausage! The doctor said that the peeling was from the swelling going down. To me it felt like I was peeling the skin off of a sunburned area……we’ve all done it, right? You start scratching and all of a sudden, you’re pulling away a sheet of skin! Ewww. Luckily the skin underneath is pretty and pink! Spankin’ brand new!

After another X-ray, I was able to compare the two feet. The one that had the surgery is still somewhat swollen but much better than it was.

Obviously I need a new pedicure! Should I try a pretty blue shade this time? Like ‘Opi’s What’s with the Cattitude’?
And the skin color is still weird too, but ‘Doc’ assures me it needs more time and ELEVATE….ELEVATE….ELEVATE!
He also tells me to bring a pair of ‘clog’ type shoes for my next visit in three weeks. What I’m dreaming of are those fancy platform heels that are so popular now……..

Red is perfect, right?
Or I could go all out and get these Balencaga Lego heels…….so neat!

Alexander McQueen perhaps? That Monarch butterfly is enticing!

These Alexander McQueen shoes would be perfect for the fall weather! That leather….so fine!

But, alas, I think the doctor was thinking along the BIG TOE BOX (not botox!) lines of a typical slip on clog! Uh, like Birkenstock, or Crocs, I think! BORING!


In any case, I am excited to the possibility of wearing an almost normal shoe again. And those pretty red platforms? A girl can dream can’t she?

(PS- credit shoe images to Google!)


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1 Response to ArtistMum: The Homestretch!

  1. Kate Bauer says:

    I love love love Alexander McQueen platform bug shoes!! Like the ones from the show. You should definitely get a pair and wear them all the time when your foot gets better.

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