ArtistMum: Keeping Busy and PATIENCE!

Some time has passed and I’m still on crutches. It will be three weeks on September 14th since the operation on my foot. Am I going crazy……well almost! I did break down the other day because I got so frustrated having to crawl up the stairs like a sniveling snake 😔 I cried a bucket of tears and then I felt bad that I cried. At first my very patient ‘Darling’ didn’t know what to do with a blubbering cry-baby! But he was there for me in my time of utter frustration.

Keeping myself as busy as is physically possible is the only way I’ve managed to hold onto my sanity. I’ve written numerous thank you notes to the many people who have reached out to make this ordeal a bit easier. So many get well cards and notes of speedy recovery have found their way to my home! I’ve gotten phone calls as well! So thank you all for making this easier for me!


I received a really pretty plant from my son and daughter-in-law!

Some really old treasured books written in German from my neighbor. The illustrations are charming.



And lots of food too:
Chicken fajitas from my daughter and her husband.
Shepherds pie from my son and his wife.
Quiche and dessert from my neighbor.
Homegrown tomatoes from my mom.

And there’s some good news too! I got the stitches taken out on Monday 😄 They were replaced with butterfly strips. I like to think there are pretty butterflies sitting on my ugly foot!

20120912-104033.jpgHow did those butterflies get there??? I used the App, ‘Drawing Pad’ from the Apple Store for that. It’s a fun drawing App that allows you to make your own pictures using brushes, pencils, etc. and you can import your own pictures and either draw on them or stamp on them such as I did with the butterflies!
And those who know me very well understand that I cannot be without my iPad! Its so portable!

I also have been busy crocheting hats, booties, and slippers! I will give them as gifts of course 😃 Here’s a chance to get an early start on Christmas, right? Who knows when I’ll be up and walking for real Christmas shopping!?!?


And I have to mention that the stool on wheels that we ordered wasn’t what we expected so we are returning it. It wasn’t stable enough 😔 But ‘Darling’ brought the office chair into the kitchen for me and I can at least do a few kitchen chores using the chair. I’ve washed a few dishes, cleared the counter, cut up a tomato. It will get better I’m sure. I just have to have PATIENCE!
So back to a little more crocheting I go 😄
Until the next post………’s your PATIENCE doing???


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