ArtistMum: Losing Your Dignity, Holding onto Pride

“Dignity”………defined by Wikipedia as “a term used ( in moral, ethical, and political discussions) to signify that a being has an innate right to respect and ethical treatment. It is an extension of the Enlightenment-era concepts of inherent, inalienable rights”.
br >;
“Pride”, /prīd/,
Noun- A feeling of pleasure from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is associated
Verb- To be especially proud of a particular quality or skill.

Dignity and pride are two words with which I’ve been battling with the past week of being on crutches, temporarily disabled. Not being able to do or having difficulty with doing simple daily tasks for oneself is chafing at my dignity and pride in a major way. A few days ago, I was so frustrated that I almost lost it. The one legged, very un-graceful-like ‘flamingo’ is having difficulty accepting this temporary state of uselessness!
I brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed all while balancing on one leg which quietly accepts but physically screams at the extra work being demanded of it.
I cannot cook for myself or carry a cup of tea to the table. It doesn’t work if your hands are preoccupied with hanging onto crutches. No way!

I have to keep reminding myself that each day, I AM getting stronger and the wound IS healing. Yes, I know it’s really healing because it is getting ridiculously itchy! And I want to scratch desperately! No I mustn’t! But yes, I want to!

I try to improvise getting around easier. Since I cannot carry anything while on the crutches, I put everything that I need for the day ( iPad, phone, book to read, knitting project )into a small canvas bag. ‘Darling’ usually brings my bag downstairs to the living room for me but if he’s not available, I’ve figured out a way to get it down myself. Here’s how! I push the bag with my crutch until its by the stairs then I attach it to an extension cord (that happened to be around). Then I lower it down the steps. Voila! I’ve done something for myself! Then I crawl down the steps to the first floor and retrieve my treasured bag! I’m good for the day 😃

I cannot imagine myself having to do this for the rest of my life. I couldn’t. But I have a renewed respect for those who do have to face this dignity and pride wrenching fight each and every day of their lives. God bless our war heroes, veterans, and those who’ve become disabled in other ways. I am in awe of their accomplishments and stamina.

‘Darling’ has seen how frustrated I have become and we’ve come to a conclusion………I MUST be
MOBILE in order to be happy. So ‘Darling’ to the rescue again 😃 He has ordered this spanking nifty gad-about so I can maneuver around the first floor of our home with ease!
It’s from Kitchen and Much More
Type in ‘stools’ ( oh not that kind for goodness sake!) or ‘roll about stool’ in the search box or call
(Item #20677)
was $39.98
On sale now $29.98!
The ‘Roll-About Stool’ has a sturdy three legged design. Wheels for easy mobility. Padded vinyl seat has 5-level height adjustment for comfort. Great for kitchen, workroom and more. Metal tube frame, 27 x 24″.

It’s made for people who do a lot of food preparation or for a workroom but I’m thinking I can scoot around AND at least cook healthy meals again! A week and a half of Chinese and pizza is getting kind of old, n’est pas? I can hardly wait until it arrives! Until then, hold onto your dignity and pride. We’re all worth it, no?


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