ArtistMum: The Big Reveal!

It is five days after surgery and I get to see the doctor today for a check up and new bandages. I’ve been wondering what lies beneath the carefully wrapped foot package. Right now it looks like a package of assorted sausages. Kielbasa, Weiss wurst, knock wurst, liver wurst, and good old hot dogs! Pass the mustard please!

The ritual is getting better……..hobble to bathroom, shower, dress, hobble downstairs, hobble to car, wiggle into car, go to destination.
The doctors office is packed! Who knew there were so many people with foot issues?
Fortunately, I don’t have to wait long. I’m anxious to see my progress.
I hobble to the examining room as fast as my crutches will allow me.

A muscular male nurse begins to cut off the bandages. šŸ˜·


What I saw wasn’t pretty. ‘Darling’ grimaced at the sight. It wasn’t for one with a weak stomach to watch, that’s for sure. There are about 10-12 stitches on a 4- 41/2 inch opening. The whole foot is still swollen but I am assured that this is expected and will get better with time.
I emailed the kids a picture of the stitches. Here are their responses:
Katy- “Yikes!”
Jim- “Ouch Mum!”
Kris- “WOAH! That’s awesome!”
I asked ‘Darling’ later on what he thought. “Eeeeks, Ugly…….like Frankenstein stitches!”

I am ordered to another room for X-rays. I actually get to see the X-ray several minutes later. I now have a Bionic toe…….six screws and a metal plate. Hmmmmmm. That will set off any security I may pass through!

After a spanking new bandage is applied and a soft white sock is slipped on, I am good to go. Stitches will be removed in 12 days and I am so excited about that šŸ˜ƒ



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