ArtistMum: Four Days After Surgery

It’s been a few days since surgery and I have to go out into the world. I teach a class in the evening at a local college. I am petrified as to how I can handle being on crutches for three hours let alone actually teach my class. How’s this going to happen when I’m already having difficulty with stairs in my home and each excursion to the bathroom and back to the couch is a major workout with the damn crutches?

To get ready for class, I needed to shower and dress myself. ‘Darling’ put an outdoor chair into the shower so I could at least sit down while I showered. This worked out very well except my butt gets a basket weave design on it after each shower! Hmmmmm. Weird!

I had to swaddle my foot into a plastic garbage bag so it wouldn’t get wet!

I’m getting better at balancing on one foot although I feel like a very ungraceful flamingo!

After I got all ready, it was time to crawl down the stairs. By the time I got all the way down, the knees of my pants were all dusty 😝 DAMN! A quick lint brush maneuver fixed that. I hopped to the car, wiggled in and off I went to teach my class! 🚙

Getting out of the car and to the classroom took me about 20 minutes (usually takes me 5)! I felt like I had done a major workout by the time I got to the classroom. My pectorals are sore! And my one good leg is about to give out, leaving me grounded! ‘Darling’ helped with my countless bags of tools, books, and spools of wire.

The class went better than expected. My 12 students were so helpful and considerate. I was more than pleased 😄

After class was over, I waited for ‘Darling’ to rescue me. While waiting, I lost my balance and fell backwards. What a goofus! Nothing got damaged, only my pride. And thankfully no one was around to see me groveling to get back up. ‘Darling’ came and all was well. We discovered a chair with wheels in one of the classrooms. Lightbulb moment! So I was wheeled to the door and it was just a short hop to the car!

It was a very good night I would say 😃


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2 Responses to ArtistMum: Four Days After Surgery

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    I think a wheel chair to get you to the classroom and around it, is a great idea. Bring the crutches with you and use them in class, but have Kent wheel you to and from class, or your students.
    As to the basket weave design now imprinted on your behind…just make sure to where a modest pair of panties to cover it…and since I have never seen you wear anything but modest, and appropriate, you neednt worry that anyone, other than myself will have that picture in their heads….love you much. Wish you a speedy recovery.

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