ArtistMum: Happy Anniversary!

Happy one year Anniversary today! It’s been exactly one year today since I started my blog and I give thanks to my three cherubs and my ‘Darling’ for pushing me, encouraging me, and reading all the nonsense and not so ‘nonsense’ I’ve written. I started out writing about art and my own art experiences until lots of other stuff started happening. Like the wedding dress creation for my daughter! That took a long time to come to fruition but as I said, the journey was priceless!

A year ago, we were battening down for hurricane Irene, who left a lot of people without power and also multiple damages to their homes through flooding and falling tree limbs. And here we are a year later waiting to see where hurricane Isaac will be heading. God please watch over those affected by this one.
I started with a printmaking project for my first blog but since I am presently disabled and am still somewhat immobile I thought I’d share something I found on Pinterest that I want to try that involves ‘printing’.
Here is the image that I liked so much.

Guest post blogger, M. Carmen Sanchez, creates these great backgrounds by stamping into a watercolor background. This takes away the color and leaves a clear imprint of the stamp design. So pretty!
The blog where this comes from is here. Thanks to Julie Fan Fei Balzer for having Carmen on your blog. It looks like an easy way to make pretty backgrounds for art journaling, something all artists love to do! Can’t wait to try this myself!
Until then……..happy first anniversary ArtistMum!


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