ArtistMum: On The Third Day…….

It’s the third day after my surgery and I have refused to take any more pain medication for a number of reasons.
1. It makes me sleepy.
2. It makes me feel dizzy.
3. It causes constipation!

I can deal with pain, feeling loopy, but I cannot, will not, hate it, am uncomfortable with………..constipation! A horrible word, feeling, condition, etc.
I tried the stool softeners, laxative supplements, laxatives……..nothing seems to help.

So I’m presently eating……get this……..PRUNES……..BRAN FLAKES…….and YOGURT for the active cultures! This better work!!!

Pain management will be different today as I’ve stopped taking any more Oxycodon, generic brand of Percocet. I think I can handle the fluctuations that range from vice grip crushing pain, swells of intense pain, tingling pain, and salt on an open wound pain. I have had all those kinds of pain ‘feelings’ but they are getting less severe, thanks be to God!

I’m getting better with the crutches. I’m not Olympic material yet…..ha ha…..but just give me a few more days!!! I couldn’t stand sleeping on the couch yet another night so I scooted up the stairs by crawling and it worked. Don’t know how I’ll get back down yet but at least the bed is roomy, comfortable, and I have the shower nearby! I plan on taking a shower today as well! ‘Darling’ put a chair into the shower so I can balance my foot on it so I don’t keel over!

And talking about having a lot on your plate………… I got the nicest compliment from a friend who I recently worked with.. She approached me with a challenge to make her a logo for her website, ‘A Lot on Your Plate’. She saw some of my wire pieces on my website and thought of me! It took a few months of planning, drawing, rough drafts, and many color combos to get the right look.
The initial wire place setting!

The many drawings and color combinations!





I’m really happy with the final logo and she is equally pleased. Check out the final logo at A Lot on Your Plate and ‘like’ it on Facebook too!
And thanks again, Jess, for the challenge and the nice write-up you did for me. You’re the best!
Hugs and more!


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5 Responses to ArtistMum: On The Third Day…….

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    very nice write up Ruthie…I have to admit that I like your wire work better than the logo, but that is because I love the dimensional depth to it, and of course, the service for 12 that I ordered from you, am still waiting on. But until I get that service for 12, I will enjoy other placesettings such as A Lot on your Plate.

    As usual, everything you do is beautiful and appreciated.

  2. charityhitt says:

    Hi Ruth! My name is Charity Hitt, and I write a baking blog, Sweets by Charity . I am currently looking for someone to design a blog header and logo for my upcoming video series. I LOVE the work you did for the A Lot on Your Plate logo. Could I talk with you about possibly doing a design for me? Please send me an email at if you are interested. Thank you!

    Charity Hitt

  3. alotonyourplate says:

    AWW!!! xoxo your the best Ruthie ā¤

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