ArtistMum: The Morning After Pill!

It’s the morning after my arthrodesis procedure! I had a fairly good amount of sleep most likely because of the drugs.

This morning the anesthesia has worn off and I can definitely feel the pain. Whoa baby!
I’m a pretty strong gal and can take a lot ( hey remember that cinder block falling on my toe that started all this?). Just grin and bear it…….yup! Hmmmm, maybe not! I had to take the Oxycodon (morning after pill!) again because I think I need to take the edge off just a bit again. It does make me so drowsy though šŸ˜œ

I did the usual bathroom stuff….what a pain. Hop hippety hop I went. Then I decided I’d be a big girl and make me something to eat. Yesterday was nothing but carbs. Not a good thing but I think the anesthesia was the cause of that. This morning I wanted scrambled eggs and fruit. I got the eggs out of the fridge okay but it was hard not to break them while maneuvering on crutches. Getting a pan out of the closet was such a chore. ‘Darling’ finally came to my rescue and got that pan onto the stove. I managed to scramble the eggs but almost knocked them to the floor with my clumsiness!
Well, got my breakfast and ate it….thank you ‘Darling’………..took my pill and now I’m so sleepy šŸ˜”

And Mr. Bean knows something is wrong with me. He’s been hanging around me all day.

Little by little, I should be improving each day. Now it’s off to sleep šŸ˜Œ


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