ArtistMum: Operation ‘Recovery’

No one wants to go under the knife but sometimes there is no other alternative. I’ve been putting this off for almost a year because I knew it would be a very busy time with my mom’s 90th birthday celebration, my son’s graduation, my other son’s move to a new apartment, my daughter’s wedding, and our first vacation in years (the cruise). The situation was getting progressively worse until the only shoes that were tolerable were flip-flops or even better………barefoot!

The day started out in the wee hours of the morning, I showered, dressed, took my thyroid medication with some water, and it was off for my 7am date with the hospital! I’m all ready for my foot operation to correct the condition with a procedure called arthrodesis. An incision is made at the affected area, protruding scar tissue bone is sawed away, and the joint is secured with a plate and screw. Sounds nasty doesn’t it?

Paperwork is always involved in hospital situations, but a lot was already done ahead of time via phone calls. Nurses were always buzzing about taking my blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. My heart rate wasn’t showing up so the attending nurse, Kim, tried a few different spots until she finally got a reading. She thinks it might have been the nail polish that caused a no-read! Imagine that! After I was all tagged and plugged in, I was escorted on my new wheels by a young gentleman to a pre-op room.

I met my anesthesiologist and a head nurse who discussed what would happen next. The IV was placed in my hand because my veins are much better there. The arm would have been ideal but rather than search around my arm, I suggested my hand and after a quick poke, the IV was ready for action 😝

‘Darling’ was beside me with his reading material in hand (books on Italy for a future wish trip!). The anesthesiologist and nurse noticed them and an animated conversation began about their experiences in Italy. The anesthesiologist even whipped out his mobile device and showed us a cute video of a gondolier shaking his coolie while singing and maneuvering the gondola! It was a nice way to start out before the operation on my foot!

The anesthesia was started with a quick release of a pin and I remember being wheeled in my ‘BMW’ gurney to never never land!

The operation went well. They had to put the old horse (me!) completely down because I was coughing (a combination of asthma and a residual cough from a cold I had earlier in the week). The twilight stuff wasn’t cutting it so they gave me the real deal! I don’t remember the operating room or even seeing the doctor. Nada!

Woke up really spacey but got my bearings back. Breathing was shallow so I had oxygen and a nebulizer treatment to bring those levels closer to normal. Also heard that I had a tube stuck down my throat during the operation. Fancy that! No recollection whatsoever!

I have to applaud all the nurses, attendants and my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Buschmann, who made my stay so comfortable. They were so kind, concerned, attentive, efficient, and professional. It made this whole experience much easier to bear. So, heartfelt thanks to all of those hospital angels!

I am finally home and in the house (4:30pm) getting out of the car was okay but steps are a PROBLEM! That was a sight because I had to crawl up the few front steps we have…..felt like a baby!

The nurses gave me a little breathing exerciser machine that I have to use for a day or so to strengthen the lungs.

I’m presently dining on saltines, fruit, and ginger ale. Yum!

Getting around on crutches is a b – – – – sorry for that but it really is. I’m not allowed to put any weight on that foot at all.

I’ll be sleeping on the couch for awhile, steps are out of the question!

So that’s my update! I’ll be way under the radar for awhile!!! Going to take the pain killer (oxycodon-acetaminophen) now even though I didn’t want to. It makes me feel so out of it. But I think it will take the edge off for tonight 😁

Any of you have any post op tips for me???



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