ArtistMum: Going ‘Under The Knife’

Now that all the fun stuff is behind me, it’s time to bite the bullet and have some much needed surgery. I’ve been having more and more pain lately in my left foot due to an earlier injury and an unwelcome visit from Arthur Ritis (arthritis)!

Years back a cinderblock accidentally fell on top of my toe. Unbeknownst to me, I had broken it but did not know this until again, years passing, it started to swell and cause pain. X-rays and an MRI showed that it was indeed broken earlier and had now developed into a ganglion cyst, something that can occur after a break. The ganglion cyst healed and then years passed and now scar tissue had formed over the break and was compromised by arthritis.

Any type of shoe became increasingly painful. Flip-flops and going barefoot were the only two ways to alleviate the pain. Needless to say, there was very little dancing at my daughter’s wedding in June and no dancing for me on the cruise much to my disappointment.

So tomorrow, very early in the morning, I am going to have this situation surgically corrected so I can have a somewhat normal foot! The doctor has done many of these types of procedures so I feel confident I’ve come upon a good orthopedic surgeon.
I am told the boney protrusion will be sawed away and there will be a plate placed under my toe and held in place with a screw. Sounds nasty but at this point, I’d rather have that than the constant pain. I may make security devises go off at the airport but that’s kind of funny in a way!
Recovery period should be from six to eight weeks on crutches. Hmmmmmm.

I did whatever errands I could possibly squeeze into the week we were home after the cruise. Did some food shopping (veggies and such), took care of some laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, went to the library and took out some books on the Renaissance, the Italian artist Fillipo Lippi, and Art and Society in Italy 1350-1500, got a haircut, and did my nails and of course the toenails……..can’t sport ugly feet!………😃

So there you have it.
Here’s a before picture of my hideous big ‘Greek’ foot! Yea, I have Greek feet according to a clip from Wikipedia quoted from Kate

“My toe is the same shape as the Statue of Liberty. Apparently it was the preferred aesthetic of Greek sculpture for the second toe to be longer than the first. Yup.”




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One Response to ArtistMum: Going ‘Under The Knife’

  1. Janice says:

    How did the surgery work out for you?

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