ArtistMum: BonVoyage/ Day Five (Wednesday)

I cannot believe that it’s another overcast day! It’s 6:30 am and I was so hoping to experience a sunrise. I realize that our room is now facing land (although we are too far away to see it) so I would have to go upstairs on deck to see my sunrise. My only hope is for tomorrow, when we begin to enter the New York harbor.

Today will be a day spent at sea. We are going at a pace of 19.9 knots. Sea depth is 3410 feet and we have gone a distance of 1143 nautical miles so far.
It is a bit after 8am and we will be going to breakfast shortly. It’s been a feeding frenzy and I’m sure all of us have gained at least five pounds if not more each! I look forward to the discipline we have established at home.

There is never a lack of things to do on the ship. Today some of us are planning to attend a towel folding class. Every evening, we are greeted by a delightful sculpted towel animal gracing the bed or perhaps guarding the two pieces of chocolate waiting to be nibbled on! Our stewards, who work so hard straightening up the rooms each morning and evening, sculpt these clever little creatures. I snapped photos each day so I’d never forget the extra touch that went into our trip.
When I saw that a towel folding class was being offered that day, I jumped at the chance to see how these magical little creatures were made!
Me and my friend grabbed two different sizes of towels and waited patiently for instruction. “Darling” situated himself nearby to capture the fun in pictures.

“Take the large towel and fold it hot dog style??? What’s that mean? Do we have to take a bite out of the towel? Pass the ketchup and mustard please! Might as well add some relish too!
Really? You’re kidding, right???

The laughing did not cease for at least a half hour. Both of us were so close to peeing in our pants for all the giggling and outbursts of laughter!

We did eventually have to hold one of our towels with our teeth, not take a bite, but here we go again! How stupid did we look biting into towels or what!

In the end we both had something that looked like a bulldog or beast I should say! What fun!

Another evening was spent dining with our friends, being entertained by our
waiters, a comedy show, and then……..time to retire to bed. Tomorrow’s an early day.



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