ArtistMum: Bon Voyage – Day Six (Thursday)

We have all heard rumors that someone is requiring immediate medical care on the ship and we have to return to port a bit earlier than expected. Instead of arriving in New York at 6am we will be pulling in at around 3am.

You can feel the ship’s engines churning at a faster rate now as we head towards our harbor in the still of the yet again foggy night.

Our baggage was put outside our door last night to make disembarking easier.
I wake up at 2:45 am to see the New York Harbor. I love my city and I’m glad to be going home.
It’s very dark and I can see the silhouette of a shore that I’m assuming is Long Island. There must have been a thunderstorm because the sky above the clouds is lighting up here and there.
I close my eyes for awhile, then wake up only to see that I’ve missed the Statue of Liberty in the harbor 😦

I do happen to see the Freedom Towers all lit up. It is truly a beautiful sight to see. New York is really a city that never sleeps!
I notice a tugboat snuggling up close to our boat. Someone boards our boat then the tugboat begins a dance to guide our huge ship into port. At 3:44am and at 1.3 knots, the little tugboat finishes pushing us into pier 90. Job well done, little tug!

The boat officially lands at 3:57 am. WE ARE HOME!


Disembarking didn’t occur for us until around 8:30-9:00 am. Hopefully the passenger that needed medical care was rushed off much earlier.

We enjoyed a breakfast with our friends, said good byes, and dragged our bags to curbside for a lift back home.

It was a very good trip!

Things I WILL miss:

The balcony with the ocean view
Being with my ‘Darling’ on a vacation
Not having to cook or clean……yay,
The assortment of cuisine available 24/7
Constant laughing and having fun
Having someone make the bed every morning (thanks steward Gerry)
Having someone turn down the bed covers at night (and the chocolate)
The different towel animals greeting us each evening
Emerald Steak House Dinner!

Things I WILL NOT miss:

The fog!
The lines for getting on the boat
The ship’s weird toilet and it’s swoosh sound!
Noisy cabin neighbors!


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