ArtistMum: Bon Voyage – Day Four (Tuesday)

It’s 6:40 in the morning and it’s still cloudy out. I think our boat is following this weather system and we may never get away from the constant mysterious veil of fog. I’m so disappointed not to be able to see the sun rise yet another morning.
We are scheduled to go to port at around 10:00 am this morning. Halifax is a city of Nova Scotia.
Again, we deport with our passports in sight. A bust of Queen Elizabeth greets us as we enter the city.

We gather in front of a huge bus for ‘The Top Ten Of Halifax Tour’. People can become rather ruffled when in huge crowds and ‘Darling’ brushed up with one of the nastiest little ‘bleepies’ possible. I think she would have punched ‘Darling’ if he hadn’t been so diplomatic about the situation. Our group decides to wait for the second bus for the ‘Top Ten’. Somehow instead of being first, like we should have been, another group squeezes in front of us. It’s amazing what the human race is possible of. All I kept thinking of was St. Peter at the gates of heaven where the selection is already written! Remember “He who is first is last, and he who is last is first”. What will these people think of then? Sorry?

We were greeted by our tour guide, Linda, and the bus driver, Rose. Linda is a retired school teacher who just wasn’t ready for full-time retirement so so decided to use her expertise and be a tour guide. She was so professional and knowledgable that we were all very impressed.
And Rose, the bus driver, navigated the huge tour bus with the utmost skill on the narrow turns going to Peggy’s Cove, our point of destination.

We are reminded about tardiness when RE-boarding the bus throughout the tour or else we will be left behind. The bus and boat will leave without us! Our bus actually left without two people at the Waterfront. They lost track of time. Oooooops! Gotta follow them rules!

We do make several quick stops along the way.
– The Citadel is an 18th century fort located atop the highest point of that area. The changing of the guard occurs every 30 minutes, all day.
– The Public Gardens, an authentic Victorian garden located in the city, has breathtaking floral displays, a Victorian gazebo, and a duck inhabited pond with bridges and other garden related touches. Delightful!
– The Fairview Lawn Cemetery which holds the remains of 121 Titanic passengers who perished on that fateful night. Canadian vessels were dispatched and approximately 306 bodies were recovered, some of which were buried at sea.
– The infamous ‘Jack Dawson’ from the Hollywood movie, The Titanic’ has a headstone in this cemetery as well as an unknown two-year old child. This child’s teddy bear adorned gravesite brought many of us to tears, including myself.
– The Waterfront which is home to many artisan shops and a few fast food joints where one can grab a quick bite to eat. There are many artistic types of sea related photo shots that one can take along the boardwalk, but be vigilant about the time here so you don’t miss the bus!

We finally reach Peggy’s Cove which is an amazing formation of sea carved granite rock with a quaint little lighthouse situated like a birthday candle atop a granite cake. The formations were carved and moved by glaciers 20,000 thousand years ago. Now the unpredictable ocean slaps them with relentless force on stormy days and nights. Thankfully, our visit here is bathed in sunshine, an unusual occurrence since fog is usually a constant companion to these rocks!
So how did Peggy’s Cove get it’s name? There’s a romantic tale about a young woman named Margaret who, after being rescued from a shipwreck, settled here and fell in love with one of her rescuers. People would often come to visit this famous ‘Peggy of the Cove’, hence the name ‘Peggy’s Cove’!

Back on the bus we go! One straggler had to sing (that was the deal) because she was a tad bit late…….almost missed her ride!
We make a quick stop at a maple sugar cottage and purchase some delicious candy treats to bring home and then we’re headed back to our ship.

I don’t know where we got extra energy but our group stayed up late with an evening of theater, dancing, comedy, and a bit of charades! There was constant laughing and fraternity banter going on before we realized that a good night’s rest would be appreciated by all!


Peggy’s Cove


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