ArtistMum: Bon Voyage – Day Three (Monday)

I woke up around 6:00 am and immediately went to the balcony. It’s my favorite place to start the day. Unfortunately, it’s again, a cloudy day. The fog lays heavily over the water. As long as the rain holds up, I think our excursion onto the land will still occur.

I can tell that the boat is nearing port because we have slowed up. I think we’re going about 10 knots down from 16 knots. The color of the splash near the boat is definitely different. It’s more of a caramel color.

I actually slept quite well last night in comparison to the first night. It could have been from exhaustion or that I got used to the ship noises, or the fact that we weren’t traveling through a storm! The wind was almost still last night and the whistling noise that I heard the night before had ceased.

Our plan is to grab some something quick for breakfast, then head on to disembark from the boat.
The ships horn just blew…….must be really close by now šŸ™‚

We landed at the port of St. John and disembarked with our passports in hand. Now in the province of New Brunswick, we were on our way by bus to The Bay of Fundy. The view is limited due to all the fog, but from what can be seen, St. John is a very quaint town. Some of the buildings are historical, dating back to the 1700’s. It is evident that the integrity of the old architecture is still revered because some of the buildings are being renovated and re-painted, keeping the antiquity intact.

Along the outskirts of town, the landscape is dotted with historical houses and farms, alongside rows and rows of pine trees. The scenery is extremely ethereal, reminding me of ‘Brigadoon’ and the legend behind its appearance every 100 years! Remember that movie? Look it up…..its delightful! Did this town magically appear today just for us through all of that fog??? Could be!

Our tour guide, Marion, dressed in historical garb, gives us the general facts of this sleepy town. The name ‘Irving’ appears on gas stations as well as other public buildings. Mr. Kenneth Colin Irving was a wealthy businessman who made his mark and provided employment for many of the townspeople. He established Irving Oil in 1924 at the ripe age of……get this………24 years old!
“HE DID BUILT THAT!” to use a political slogan relevant to today!!! Yea!

Marion shows us several items indigenous to the area which included a feed purse, seaweed, sea urchins, and ‘wish’ rocks from the Bay of Fundy. The feed purse is filled with sardines or other small fish and placed inside lobster traps. Lobsters crawl in, feed, and can’t figure out how to turn around so they get caught. The lobster industry is one of the largest along this coastline.

Upon our arrival at The Bay of Fundy, we witnessed the effects of the extreme high and low tides of the sea at this geological gem of a place. It takes a total of six hours for the tide to come in and six hours also for the tide to go out. It has the world’s highest tides known. They range from 47.5 feet to a hefty 53.5 feet and can reach up to 70.8 feet during storms. Whew!

This area is also a favorite with artists, with its lighthouse, lobster traps, and fishing boats, creating a charming scene.
I had the pleasure of meeting a local artist, Jim Walsh, who works with pen and ink. His illustrations have intricate detail and shading using black ink with hints of color. They are exquisite and reflect the coastal flavor of the area. I couldn’t resist and bought one of his pieces…….see below!

There are also many large rock formations that have been carved out by the severe tide activity but these are inaccessible to us today…….the tide is coming in quickly and we would be trapped!

We strolled over the rocky beach looking for a special prize, a wish rock!
The ‘wish’ rocks can be found all over the beach of the Bay of Fundy. The Mic Mac tribes began the folklore of the wish rocks. There is a distinctive continuous stripe of white around certain rocks and pebbles. Legend has it that you make a wish and if your wish comes true, the pebble is to be passed to someone else so that they might have their wish come true as well.

‘Darling’ and I picked up quite a few different sized wish rocks to bring back. This will definitely affect the weight of the ship load when we embark again. Our side of the ship will be lower than the other……oooooops!

Dinner that night was at the Emerald Steak House at 5:30 sharp. The decor relates to the gem, the emerald. I learned that each room on the ship was specifically and carefully designed with a color in mind. I will have to research more on that!

It seemed like we were the only guests as the waiters and waitresses lavished us with their attentiveness. The plate chargers were each of a different design, which made me proud of my daughter and her husband because they used different designed plates for their wedding reception in June………very trendy apparently.

Many different types of steaks were offered such as skirt steak, cowboy steak, filet mignon, tenderloin steak, as well as lamb chops, lobster, and chicken.
Delicious, freshly made sides were offered too.

We devoured the generous portions, savoring every bite in a state of epicurean ecstasy.

We all ordered dessert thinking the presentation would be similar to the main course…….a nice portion of the featured delicacy detailed with a brush of raspberry sauce on the plate or some other fancy crafted presentation.
I ordered cheesecake……….nice and easy, a portion controlled slice maybe enhanced with some berries as trim……….well……….
I think my jaw and everyone else’s jaw became unhinged when they brought me my cheesecake. It must have been a wedge at least 8″ high x 5″ wide! No kidding!

I have never, EVER in my entire life seen a piece of cheesecake, let alone any cake, this humongous. Needless to say, the piece of cheesecake was ‘doggy-bagged’ and is presently sitting in the mini fridge in our room.

All of us left that dinner table overly satiated!

“Just Hangin’ Out With the Buoys”, pen and ink by Jim Walsh
Doesn’t this picture look like a woman with buoys attached to her pouffy skirt? Love it!
And here are our treasured wish rocks!



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  1. Robert Bergman says:

    I feel like I am walking the streets with you Ruthie…you describe everything in colors…love the description of the water…I can see it. Sounds like such a wonderful trip…

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