ArtistMum: Bon Voyage – Day Two (Sunday)

I woke up around 5:45 this morning, anxious to watch a sunrise only to be disappointed by a morning of rain 😦
It is very quiet, as party-goers are sleeping off a night of indulging and dancing. I enjoy the peacefulness right now.
‘Darling’ is still fast asleep. He practically fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He can sleep anywhere, lucky dude. I on the other hand tried hard to get to sleep but was too anxious at all the new sounds I was experiencing and getting accustomed to, especially the rocking of the boat. I didn’t lull me to sleep at all! I was in and out of sleep all night, waking up several times and peeking out to try to see what was happening even though the night was starless and very dark. I did notice two lights in the distance which I assumed was a boat and hoping it wouldn’t crash into us!

I cannot seem to get over the vastness of the ocean. It is endless. It is mind boggling as to how this boat navigated in total darkness last night. Here we are, moving at a steady pace heading for Nova Scotia. The waves make their soothing splash sound up against the boat. It is wonderful to wake up to the sounds of the ocean. There are also strange boat sounds, a sort of hollow metal sound groaning against the fury of the sea. It is thrilling and frightening at the same time.
Looking out at the vastness of the ocean, I am humbled at God’s immense awesomeness. As empty and cold the ocean seems, it must be filled with an incredible number of living organisms created by Him. I hope I get to see some dolphins or maybe even a whale. That would be a treat!

The sea water is a beautiful foamy malachite color when it is pushed away by the boat. It looks almost like marble. I even saw a big fish in the churning water. Don’t know what type, maybe a big sea bass. He was dark in color from what I could see. Now we’re heading into some fog……the unknown! Very spooky!
It’s 6:50 now. I think I’ll wash up and head for the track, if I can find it. ‘Darling’ looks like he’ll sleep for at least another hour or so.

The track was closed due to the rain 😦 I headed back to the room.

‘Darling’ and I set out to find the others and grab some breakfast.
It’s been a full day of eating and watching different shows. Breakfast was very filling. I had lox with cream cheese on gluten free toast. Imagine that! ‘Darling’ had eggs Benedict with toast and fruit.
I snuck back to the room to catch a few more zzzzzzz’s because of last night’s lack of. Felt much better afterwards!

We watched an art auction which was very interesting. Peter Max was a favorite being auctioned. Prices were way more than we could even imagine, even for reproduction prints. I think I should get busy on my own paintings and maybe then we could afford to be collectors!

A brief lunch was followed by an afternoon ‘tea’. It was ‘Darling’s’ idea and a good one at that. We secured a table at the back of the boat with a view of the water churning under those massive propellers. Birds and fish frequent the area in hopes of catching a few unfortunate fish for a snack. No more details here! You get what I mean.

Dinner was in the dining room. Choices were lobster, corvina fish, beef tenderloin with an assortment of sides. Everyone noted that tonight’s dinner far exceeded last night’s dinner!

The day ended with a variety show and a raunchy comedy routine. We’re exhausted and ready to sleep. It will be an early day tomorrow spent on land in St. John’s and the Bay of Fundy.


Malachite color ( thanks Wikipedia)



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