ArtistMum: Bon Voyage – Day One/ Saturday

This is the first day of our very first cruise EVER!

We are taking the Carnival Glory to Nova Scotia, a short 5 day cruise up the eastern coast, with a group of friends from ‘Darling’s’ fraternity and their wives. Some of our friends are bona fide cruisers however, Darling and I haven’t a clue as to what to expect!

Boarding the boat was an experience I’ve never encountered before. Waiting for over an hour on an extremely looooooong line at the terminal is not one of my favorite things to do but it was necessary. Going through security was easy in comparison.

The reason for the long delay, we found out later, was the outbreak of a small epidemic of a gastrointestinal virus affecting about 100 people on the trip before us. The ship had to be thoroughly disinfected before new guests could board. Whoa! Glad we weren’t on that trip!

We finally boarded the boat without a hitch and found our room with no problem. The boat is a little hard to navigate. What’s starboard? What’s stern? What’s port? Which direction is the bow? What’s that?
I felt a teensy bit disoriented as I have a messed up sense of direction anyway. I know I’ll get lost at some point!

Our room, 7343 starboard, is very nice with all the amenities. FYI……..starboard refers to the right of the boat facing towards the front or bow. Port is to the left and stern is the rear of the boat. Just a little nautical tidbit that’s good to know!
There are closets and drawers for our clothes and shoes. A sitting area is on the other side along with a queen sized bed.


The balcony is great with two chairs for ocean viewing. I’m looking forward to the sounds of the water and the salty sea water aroma. I’m an Aquarian……..can’t control my love of the water!!!

The bathroom is tiny but efficient.


We had plenty of time to settle in and get cozy before it was time for a bite to eat.
Dinner was extra pleasant with our group of friends. Portions were adequate, small compared to super-sized meals Americans are accustomed to. This might be to my advantage since I’m always careful with what I eat due to my thyroid condition. Losing weight is almost an impossible feat.
Food seems to be readily available 24/7. Now that might be a problem! I feel an imminent weight gain coming on 😔

‘Darling’ was super animated tonight, totally enjoying the attention of his frat brothers. He’s alone all day back home, so this is bringing out his quirky, silly side. He’s having lots of fun and that’s a good thing!

Walking around the ship is scary because apparently, the water is a bit rough. The ship is headed east through the currents and we’re having a bit of a storm. We were all walking like drunken sailors even though no alcohol was involved at all!

It’s night now and the balcony in our room is my saving grace, thankfully so because I am very claustrophobic. I can only see the waves splashing against the boat because there is no light at all. It’s pitch black outside. The ocean is rough and dark. Caps of white water can be seen in the distance looking almost like some sea creatures playing peek-a-boo with my searching eyes. The wind is whistling through the balcony, giving this whole scenario a kind of creepy aura. It will be interesting to see what all of this looks like in the morning.

I’m hoping that the boat rocking will help me fall asleep, not keep me wide eyed out of fear of the unknown.

Until morning…………..!


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One Response to ArtistMum: Bon Voyage – Day One/ Saturday

  1. Robert Bergman says:

    Have a great time Ruthie…I hope it lives up to all your expectations…can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.
    Bon Voyage….

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