ArtistMum: Work Well Done

My week at camp ended yesterday! Despite the rain on Friday, all went well. The girls group completed their dolls and clothing and the day culminated in a fashion show! I can’t describe how excited and giggly the girls were. They had fun, that’s for sure šŸ˜ƒ

Not being able to take photographs at camp makes it difficult to share but I do have a photo of the dolls in stages.

And I promised to post a photo of the Zentangle doll that I made last week with a smaller group of older girls. It’s definitely a ‘do again’ project.
Here’s the front of the doll.

And here’s the back of the doll. Notice the cool zipper exposing a fabulous design! I let one of the counselors decorate my sample because I didn’t have time to finish it. I think she did a phenomenal job on that zipper idea šŸ˜„

I asked her to sign it for me too! Thanks Leor!
If you haven’t tried to ‘Zentangle’ you really should give it a try. It’s very relaxing!
Until next post šŸ˜˜


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