ArtistMum: Sunshine and Lemons

One week of camp is almost over with another one to go. The monster marionettes came out cute!
Today the boys group will be putting on a puppet show on the stage they assembled yesterday. It should be fun 😄

The afternoon is spent with a group of girls. We are making Zentangle Art dolls! They are looking fabulous! I will post a photo at some point!

After two weeks of starting my morning off with a cup of lemon water, I have to admit that it really makes me feel great 😍 And I do not even miss the tea or coffee at all.

I had to forgo the graphite plate in my shoes. It just wasn’t giving me the comfort I had expected. I’m wearing ‘Easy Spirit’ sneakers that are much more comfortable than my other sneaks but by the end of the day (I’m on my feet ALL day) my left toe is in agony good sneaks or not 😖 I think an operation will be what will solve the issue (at least that’s what I’m hoping for)!

Hooray for ‘Easy Spirits’ !


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